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Windsor Academy trust strategy

Ƶ Strategy

Our strategy builds upon our first 10 years and powers the Ƶ family into its second decade.

We have identified five strategic ‘big moves’ that will drive school transformation, boosted by digitally enriched learning, building staff talent, transforming communities and ensuring the WAT family is sustainable and an environmental force for good.

high performing schools

Big Move One

Develop high performing schools where every student unlocks their academic and personal potential

develop staff talent

Big Move Two

Build staff talent by developing inspiring, research informed staff

civic impact

Big Move Three

Drive education for the greater public good to create social value and deliver civic impact


Big Move Four

Instil an ethos and ability to care for the natural environment now and in the future, to become carbon neutral and one of the most sustainable school trusts in the country

family reach

Big Move Five

Expand the WAT family reach through support for other schools and trusts and through sustainable growth

The graphic below illustrates ‘What Makes WAT WAT’. It outlines our aims, values and the five big moves that enable us to unlock academic and personal potential.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, and a way of working that inspires us to achieve our aims. Our five big moves are the turbo boosters that focus our efforts and drive us to succeed. Collectively, this provides a clear vision and shared understanding that is displayed across the WAT family every day.

Big Move amendments V1


digital technology

1. Digital Technology

innovation and research

2. Innovation and Research

resource allocation

3. Resource Allocation


4. Governance

marketing and communications

5. Marketing and Communications

WAT Strategy